Killer Shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus

The Killer Shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus was found at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire earlier this year, it has now been found at two sites in Wales. Below are some links giving further information with regards to the potential threat from this species.

BBC News – Invasive ‘killer’ shrimp found at two sites in Wales

Currently people using the waterbodies containing the shrimp are being advised to clean any equipment used in the water thoroughly. Claire Install, Conservation Officer for the BDS, recently attended a meeting, where someone described the situation at Grafham, it sounded like the water was (or is) teeming with the shrimp.

The following link to an information sheet about the shrimp, produced by the Environment Agency below, this refers specifically to Grafham Water:

Invasive Shrimp Briefing Note

The link below is for an identification guide for the Killer Shrimp, it has been produced by the Freshwater Biological Association.

Identification of Dikerogammarus and other British Freshwater Shrimps

The link below will take you to the non-native species secretariat webpage about the shrimp, it will give you some further information if you need any.

Killer Shrimp – Dikerogammarus villosus

If you spot a killer shrimp, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have an e-mail address to send any reports of sightings and images along with details of the location and your contact details.  The e-mail address is: