How to Become Involved


Come along on a field trip

Baffled about identifying all those different species or want to find out where to find the rarer ones are located, then the best way to find out is to come along on one of the Branch’s many field trips – we usually hold at least five a year. The field trips are lead by friendly, knowledgeable leaders, who’ll make you feel welcome whether you are a novice or an expert. See the list of upcoming field trips on the events page of the website. Field trips are only open to members so why not join the group now. Annual membership is only £5 for individuals and represents excellent value, so either join in advance, or print off a membership form and join on the day.

Spread the word

Help our conservation message go further by talking about what we do, either informally with your friends and neighbours or by arranging a talk with a local natural history or community group. If you don’t feel that you’re able to do it yourself, you can always ask the Chairman if he knows someone who can do it, although he would need plenty of notice. You could even try writing a piece about dragonflies for your local paper or community website.

Help with local surveys

Don’t like going far afield? Make a big difference to our knowledge of the county by helping with targeted recording in your area – many 1km, 2km and even 10km squares get very few records, so even one or two visits a year can be a great help. Contact your local recorder to see how a handful of visits a year to particular areas can increase our knowledge of what’s about.

Get involved with a local site

Nearly all of you will have a favourite local site that you visit often, either specifically to watch dragonflies or even walk the dog. Think about the little things that you could do to help safeguard and improve the site; by submitting records to your local recorder so they know about the site; by letting the landowner know what you’ve seen and how special the site is; help with the management of the site or even setting up a ‘friends of’ group to help care for it.

Submit a record

In your garden, your local park, a nature reserve or even at work, there are lots of possible opportunities for seeing dragonflies but many of them are not submitted to your local BDS Recorder. If you have access to the internet, why not visit the sightings page and have at look what’s been seen. Please note however that you should also submit the record to the Recorder at the end of the season as well.

So if you only do one thing to help, please get those sightings noted down and let your recorder know.