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  • MapMate –  MapMate is a revolutionary software package – designed to record, map, analyse and share your natural history sightings.  Favourite choice for 1000’s of enthusiasts across the UK – it is setting new standards for those interested in recording Birds, Butterflies, Moths, Mammals, Plants and Insects of all orders.
  • Vice-county Lookup from Grid References – OS grid reference to vice-county conversion from the Botanical Society of the British Isles.
  • Where’s the Path – A great tool showing OS maps and Satellite mapping side by side. Also has a selection tool which also shows Grid References.
  • Google Maps UK – Satellite mapping from google.
  • iRecord – The goal of iRecord is to make it easier for wildlife sightings to be collated, checked by experts and made available to support research and decision-making at local and national levels. Join iRecord now to share your sightings with the recording community, explore dynamic maps and graphs of your data and make a real contribution to science and conservation.